Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Volunteering section to learn how to apply to become a volunteer. 


When will I hear back regarding my application? 

Due to the high volume of applicants, we will only be contacting individuals selected for an interview. 



I did not receive an interview this term. Do I need to reapply for the following term? 

No. If you have not been selected for an interview this term, your application will be reviewed again for the following term(s). However, please send us another email if there are changes in your hours of availability.



Can I volunteer at the clinic on weekends? 

Unfortunately, Grace Health Centre is only open on weekdays. However, there are weekend volunteer opportunities for a food bank and a parent-child attachment course. 



Do I need to be a Biology major in my undergraduate studies to volunteer? 

No. We accept individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare fields. 



Why do I need to submit my transcript(s)? 

Due to the competitive nature of professional healthcare programs, we prioritize students that have demonstrated the academic potential to succeed in the application process. Our goal is to provide meaningful hands-on experiences for competitive candidates in order to support their eventual progression into healthcare professionals.



What is a typical day working at Grace Health Centre like? 


Our clinic provides volunteers with a wide range of opportunities to develop skills which are essential to modern day healthcare professionals. In our unique clinical setting, after receiving rigorous training and close supervision, volunteers provide care to a diverse patient population by discussing vaccines with patients, providing flu shots and collecting vital signs at various times throughout the day. 


In the meantime, volunteers file and organize medical records into patient records based on their interpretation of medical procedures and notify physicians of abnormal findings.


In addition, volunteers extensively collaborate in order to complete group projects centered on preventative health care, which target patient populations eligible for screening tests that could reveal life-threatening diseases.


Furthermore, volunteers are responsible for the day to day activities associated with maintaining a clinic with seven family physicians and 10-20 volunteers for operating at an optimal level. 


There will be opportunities for volunteers to demonstrate initiative by implementing potential changes they would like to make by utilizing their problem solving and teamwork skills.



I'm a medical secretary student. Can I apply? 

Yes. We welcome medical secretary students to apply for volunteer positions at our clinic.