Brain based parenting - Assessment by Child - Toronto / 激發腦部的潛能 - 孩子的自我評估 - 多倫多

Your parent(s) are attending a series of courses because they want to improve their relationship with you. We require your help in sharing your experience in your current relationship with your parents. If you are 11 or older, please complete the following confidential assessments. If you want to share your assessments with your parents, you are welcomed to do so. Thanks for your help.


Instruction: Please answer all of the questions in this questionnaire to the best of your ability.


Personal Information / 个人資料

Personal information in this section will be encrypted when stored on server, but it is recommended that you submit this form over a private (e.g. home) network.

Family Assessment Instrument / 家庭評估量表

For each of the items describing your view of your current family, please select the response that best represents how you feel. Please answer every question.


Psychosocial Screen / 心理與社交健康的評估表

This questionnaire provides you with a means of reporting problems that you may be having as an individual or in your relationships with your family and others whom you know or work with. It is not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. Answer each item as carefully and as accurately as you can.


Experiences in Close Relationships with Caregivers / 親子關係體驗評估表

Instruction: The statements below concern how you feel in emotionally intimate relationships. We are interested in how you experience your relationship with your most important parent figures, not just in what is happening in the relationship. Respond to each statement by choosing a number to indicate how much you agree or disagree with the statement.


Parent-Child Relationship Satisfaction Scale / 親子關係滿足程度

Please indicate the category that best describes the amount of satisfaction you feel in your relationship with your father and mother figures and with your parents overall. / 請表示你與你的父親/代父,你與你的母親/代母,及你與你的父母的關係中總體的滿足程度。 (0=extremely dissatisfied / 絕對不滿; 1=very dissatisfied / 非常不滿; 2=moderately dissatisfied / 相當不滿; 3=dissatisfied / 頗為不滿; 4=slightly dissatisfied / 有些不滿; 5=neutral / 中立; 6=slightly satisfied / 有些滿足; 7=satisfied / 頗為滿足; 8=moderately satisfied / 相當滿足; 9=very satisfied / 非常滿足; 10=extremely satisfied / 絕對滿足)

I. Communication and openness / 溝通與開放

II. Resolving conflicts and arguments / 處理衝突

III. Degree of affection and caring / 感情和關心

IV. Intimacy and closeness / 親密與親近

V. Satisfaction with your role in the relationship / 你自己的角色

VI. Satisfaction with your parent's role / 家長的角色

VII. Overall satisfaction with your relationship / 總體的關係滿足

VIII. Your understanding and acceptance of the relationship / 你對親子關係的認識和了解

IX. Understanding and acceptance of you by your parent / 家長對你的認識,了解和接納

X. Your understanding and acceptance of your parent / 你對家長的認識,了解和接納