Grace Health CenterGrace Health Centre, established in 1986, is a group of six physicians (Drs. TK Wong, TY Wong, Man-Hon Chu, Danny YeungYi Min (Susana) Huang and Alice Chen) plus support staff working together to care for you and your family. We look after people of all ages. We also provide prenatal and postnatal care. To provide top quality medical care, we have been using electronic medical records since 2007.

Our practice philosophy is one of health promotion. We believe that the prevention or early detection of any disease is the best cure. Thus, we are committed to preventive medicine. Please refer to the Healthy Lifestyle Habits guide under Health Info, Files (in the right sidebar). Furthermore, we consider health as having many components which include not only physical health but also social, psychological and spiritual health as well. It is to your benefit that we address these needs. All of us are also interested and specially trained in counselling and psycho-therapy.

It is our goal that all aspects of health are addressed in our clinic so that you can get the best overall health care. We believe that health is a shared responsibility between patients and physicians. We encourage you to take an active role in your health care. With co-operative effort, we can work toward better health for you and your family.